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Metal roof construction has been practiced for many years. Metal roofs have always been known for durability. It is common for low grades of agricultural or utility steel to last 20-30 years. Various metal roofs have been known to last between 50-100 years. Numerous types of metal roofs are produced including corrugated galvanized steel, metal panels, metal tiles, and coated metal shingles.

Metal roofs were previously perceived as a commercial roofing material, metal shingles are being made to simulate traditional house roof coverings. They are long-lasting, relatively light, fire-resistant, and effective look-alikes. They can be more vulnerable to cosmetic damage.

Metal roofs can withstand hail damage with most receiving a Class 4 impact rating. As an incentive, many insurance companies offer premium discounts for impact resistive materials; however, some insurance carriers do not recognize aesthetic damage caused by hail on metal roofs.

Metal roofs are known to be used in severe climate areas with high annual snow fall. These roofs have a perfect shedding design allowing roofs to efficiently displace snow from a roof.

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