roofing faq

Below are frequently asked questions about roofing projects and companies, and questions consumers should ask when considering different roofing companies in Denver to hire for their roof projects.

Questions a consumer should ask roofing companies before they hire them and sign a contract.

  1. Is Ramos Roofing a member of your local Better Business Bureau? YES
  2. What is Ramos Roofing’s BBB rating? A+
  3. Is Ramos Roofing a member of the Colorado Roofing Assocation? YES
  4. Does Ramos Roofing use employees versus subcontractors to perform the majority of work? YES
  5. Does Ramos Roofing have general liability insurance coverage? YES
  6. Does Ramos Roofing have workman’s compensation insurance for their employees? YES
  7. Is Ramos Roofing registered with the Colorado Secretary of State? YES
  8. Is Ramos Roofing licensed in your town, city or county? YES
  9. How long has Ramos Roofing worked in Colorado? 9 years
  10. Does Ramos Roofing follow current OSHA regulations? YES
  11. How do I apply for an energy efficient roof tax credit?

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We provide complete residential and commercial roofing services in Adams, Arapahoe, Boulder, Broomfield, Denver, Douglas, El Paso, Jefferson, Larimer, and Weld Counties in Colorado. See our Roofing Service Areas.

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